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Sri Rama Jeyam

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ஸ்ரீ ராம ஜெயம்





Consecration Ceremony of Sri Anjaneyar Temple and Shani Bhagwan Temple


In most South Indian Hindu temples around the world, Kumbabishekam, or the consecration ceremony of the temple, performed once every 12 years. It is usually done to purify the temple after a renovation or simply done to renew the purity of the temple. Hindus flock to witness this event on the consecration date as it is believed that witnessing it gives a good soul 1000 "punya", or good karma.


Swami Chandrasekaran was born in the year 1948 in Nawalapitiyia town of Nuwara- eliya district. His parents were of Indian origin (Kerala). At the early age of 11 it was observed that Swami ji used to often go into trance while chanting Hanuman chalisa and used to start vibrating & jumping vehemently thereafter.


After completing his school education, Swami ji worked for several years in Jaffna, Kandy & Colombo. While serving as a personal secretary to the proprietor of a Swedish company in Kadawatha namely Swede Lanka Engineering P Ltd, Swamiji used to visit a temple in Dehiwala in the evenings and helped devotees in eradicating their problems such as health, personal or any other social problems.


At a later stage Swami ji rented a small house in Allen Avenue in Dehiwala and started preaching in the holy name of Sri Anjaneyar and arranged Anyadanam on every Sunday. As Swamiji’s preaching spread across the country, almost 2000 devotees started following him and finally it was decided in 1996 that the first Pancha Mukha Anjaneyar temple will be constructed in Dehiwala, Sri Lanka.


A few years later with the support of Minister Thondaman and devotees of Anjaneyar the popular Anjaneyar Temple in Ramboda was built. The history of Sri Lanka reveals the presence of Ramayana trails which may be observed at Sita Amman temple in Sita- Eliya, Nuwara-Eliya.


The first Anjaneyar chariot in the world was initiated in Sri Lanka in the year 1998 by Chandrasekara Swamiji and continues every year in the month of December. Every year in the month of December, Sri Anjaneyar Jeyanthi is celebrated in the Anjaneyar temple followed by the chariot festival.


History reveals that Shani bhagwan had cursed Lord Kuberan who governed the Lankan land, the force of which could be reduced by praying to Sri Hanumanji & Shani bhagwan. Pancha Mukha Sri Anjaneyar Temple trust has constructed Shani Bhagwan temple at the same premises and are holding the consecration ceremony on 25th March 2015. Sri Anjaneyar Temple’s consecration ceremony is also scheduled for 25th March 2015.


Devotees from all over the world are expected to join and take blessings of Sri Anjaneyar and Shani bhagwan.